Things to Talk About

 If you’re a new book group, wondering what to talk about – here are some questions you might find useful to keep your discussion going. 

Did you like the cover / look of the book? Would you have chosen to read it and why (or why not)? Did the cover give you a fair idea of what the book would be like?

What do you think the title means?

Why do you think the author opened the book this way?

Did you get off to a slow start or were you hooked straight away?

Did it hold your interest or did you skip bits? If you gave up on the book, can you say why?

Did you find some parts of the story more enjoyable than others?

Who was your favourite / least favourite character? Were there any characters you could identify with?  Are the male or female characters more vividly and fully drawn?

Which relationship was most interesting and why?

How did your feelings change as you read or listened to the narrative? Did it make you angry, frightened, laugh, or cry? If the book is narrated in the first person, why do you think the author has chosen this particular narrator? Is the narrator reliable?

Do you think the book is well written? Do you like the use of language?

If you’ve read a true story, biography or autobiography, did you think it was well told? Did you find out more or less than you wanted about the subject? Have you changed your opinion of them now you’ve read their story?

If the story was set in another time or country, how did that affect you? Was it convincing? Would you want to live in that time or travel to that country / place?

Did you get a feel for what kind of person the author is? How autobiographical do you think this book is?

What did you think of the ending? Was it what you expected? How did you feel when you’d finished?

Did it remind you of any other books you’ve read? Can you think of any other stories with similar ideas, characters or settings?

Has anyone read anything else by this author?

Is this a book you would recommend and, if so, why? Would you read another title by this author?

Under what conditions did you read the book (all in one sitting, short hits each night at bedtime, on the train etc.)?  Was this a good or bad way to read it?

If it was made into a film / TV series, which actors would play the main parts?

Who picked this one and why?








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