TS Eliot Prize poetry readings on tour – 30th Sept at the Mitchell

The T S Eliot Prize for Poetry 20th anniversary tour will visit Glasgow on 30th September.                                                         Eliot prize tour logo sml.JPG

For the first time ever, the TS Eliot Prize for Poetry is going on tour! Every year readings take place at the Festival Hall in London before the winner of the prize is announced. This year is the 20th anniversary of the prize and the Mitchell is delighted to be part of the national tour, with a brilliant lineup of poets:  Don Paterson, Kathleen Jamie and Robert Crawford have all previously won or been shortlisted for the prize and will be joined by new poet William Letford to read their work. The TS Eliot Prize is one of the world’s top poetry awards and was set up by the Poetry Book Society in 1993 in memory of its founding poet.

30 September, Mitchell Library 6-7.30pm, £5. Booking details on the Aye Write! website.

In association with Aye Write! Glasgow’s Book Festival and the Scottish Poetry Library           SPL colour logo for pc sml.JPG



Literature’s newest prize – the Folio Prize

There’s a new prize on the literary scene. To quote from the website, The Folio Prize is “the first major English language book prize open to writers from around the world. Its aim is simple: to celebrate the best fiction of our time, regardless of form or genre, and to bring it to the attention of as many readers as possible”.

Find out all about it on the website.


Austen Project is a Dickens of a good idea

Hi everyone!
I’m Lauren, and I’m the discussion leader for the Mitchell Classics Book Group. In 2012, our reading group was one of the Reading Agency’s Dickens Champions. This year, the Reading Agency is giving reading groups across the country a chance to be part of the Austen Project, which is a fantastic opportunity to read and blog about some of the best works by Jane Austen, and I really hope that you’ll consider taking part.
Our reading group really enjoyed being a Dickens Champion, and without a doubt, it was not only fun, but a richly rewarding experience as we had the chance to read, and in many cases re-read some of our favourite books by Dickens. By reading and discussing several of Dickens’s books within a relatively short time, our group found we were able to compare and contrast his books in a way we hadn’t been able to before. This allowed not only a deeper level of discussion, but it also renewed our love of favourite heroes (Oliver, and Pip) and wish for the rightful comeuppance of the worst baddies (Uriah Heep, and Sikes).
I would encourage all reading groups that love Jane Austen’s books to sign up to the Reading Agency site to follow the project, and especially to give The Austen Blog Project a go! Even if you have never blogged or written about your favourite author or book before – don’t worry! For many folks in our reading group, it was first time they had done anything like it, and the friendly folks at the Reading Agency made it all very easy. So all you Jane Austen fans out there get cracking! Just fill in the online form and, who knows, your group could be selected – good luck!

Margaret Atwood: back to the future

Media of MaddAddamThe trilogy that began with Oryx and Crake reaches a conclusion when Margaret Atwood’s new novel MaddAddam comes out on 29th August. The book continues the story of the Crakers—a species bio-engineered to replace humans—who are the only survivors after a man-made plague has swept the earth.

If you want to start at the beginning, you can borrow a set of Oryx and Crake for your book group. Just email us at bookgroups@glasgowlife.org.uk.

Media of Oryx and Crake