Friday Blog Mar 8 – no such thing as a free book

Today’s guest blogger is J.N. Paquet, author of “The Book of The Animals” bilingual children’s books series.
What you should know about our books…

Someone asked me yesterday: “Why should I pay for your books when it is just easier to get them online for free?”

Sometimes a deal isn’t a deal at all. When you get a book for free or cheaper through photocopy, illegal copy or online piracy, you may think that what you have in your hands equals quality for less. The truth is, although you may pay less or nothing for such book, you actually participate in what the UNESCO called “the Intentional Destruction of Cultural Heritage” in its 2003 Declaration.

By purchasing our children’s books, you pay for and value the work of the author, as well as all the other professionals involved in the production and commercialisation of the books, be they illustrators, designers, editors, translators, proof-readers, printers, distributors or booksellers.

By purchasing our children’s books, you allow us all to keep working towards our main objectives: to promote literacy, promote bilingualism, promote fun-learning as a positive attitude towards reading and provide inspiration for the next generation of young readers and writers.

Please, help us fight against photocopy, illegal copy and online piracy! They generate unemployment, hurt the creation, harm the diffusion and the spread of culture, destroy our cultural heritage, end up making good quality books rare and expensive, and finally threaten our future!

Thank you.


Find out more about J.N. PAQUET’s children’s books at:


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