Friday Blog Sept 21- Research into Reading

As members of book groups you don’t need me to tell you that reading is good for you. A good book can both stimulate and relax you, it can transport you to another place or time, let you see things from someone else’s point of view. Reading helps your mental and physical well-being and can develop emotional intelligence.  Not to mention teach you loads of stuff and do wonders for your Scrabble scores.

If you read a lot, you just know this is true. I was interested to come across some research that backs this up – undertaken by The Reader Organisation. Through their Get Into Reading programme, they knew how their reading groups help a wide range of people to feel better about themselves and the world in which they live, and carried out research into why this is the case. I was at a seminar where they presented on one piece of research: a study into how literature can help older people living with dementia – the research shows that reading in a group can “produce a significant reduction in dementia symptom severity”

You can find the full report on their website.


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