Friday Blog Jul 6 – Danish pastries and Swedish girls

We’ve had great feedback from people who came to hear Alex Gray’s talk last Saturday.  She spoke about how she became a writer, and how the police procedural became her chosen genre. Alex told us what she gets out of being in a book group, and answered questions from the audience about, among other things, the role of the editor and whether the research ever gets in the way of the writing. Alex Gray photo

What we learned:

Alex wrote her first novel at the tender age of twelve: a horsey story which she hoped would sell enough copies to let her buy a pony.

She cried the day Agatha Christie died.

Danish pastries are DI Lorimer’s favourite snack.

Alex’s next book The Swedish Girl is due out next March – in excellent time for Aye Write! (Alex has promised to come).  In the meantime, Alex is appearing at Bloody Scotland: Scotland’s first international crime writing festival, in Stirling 14-16 September. The programme is just published and Alex is sending us some to distribute through Glasgow Libraries, so be sure and pick one up.

As always, we are looking for people to write a weekly blog – look forward to hearing from you.


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