Friday Blog Jun 29 – happy birthday to us

Glasgow Book Groups blog is a year old, so a good time to reflect on what the blog is for, how far it has succeeded and where we go from here.

We launched the blog as a way of letting you – the book groups – know what was happening in Glasgow Libraries, to link book group members with each other, to share reading ideas, get together for events and share news about other book-related things going on in Glasgow. This month shows a good example of the links that have been forged when – in honour of Bloomsday on the 16th – we focussed on James Joyce. The Mitchell Classics Book Group read Ulysses and Lauren wrote a review for the blog; another guest blogger was Ailie, the Marketing Officer at Glasgow’s Tron Theatre, who told us about their production of Ulysses (coming in October); and we promoted a Bloomsday event organised by Glasgow University.

The weekly blog was a feature that Emma in our Marketing section suggested – as a way of giving our blog some unique content. Every Friday we have a guest blog from someone in the book world: library staff, members of book groups and even people from outside Glasgow! Lilias Fraser from the Scottish Poetry Library, Guy Pringle from new books magazine and Ruth Harrison from Reading Groups for Everyone have all guest blogged.

How to measure success? We know that people are looking at the blog. After all, 69 of you have signed up for National Reading Group Day tomorrow. And we have stats. Boy, do we have stats! Behind the scenes of a WordPress blog, there’s some fascinating information on how many people are looking at it and which pages are the most popular; there’s even a map of the world to show where the people looking at the blog are – nearly always the UK, but imagine our astonishment on finding out we’ve had someone accessing the blog in Indonesia, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Tanzania. We can see how many people have come via Facebook or through the Glasgow Life website. (If you’re thinking Big Brother, don’t worry, these views are only numbers to us, we don’t know who you are unless you leave a comment!)

Here are some stats:

156 posts


65 subscribers

9,295 page views.

Our busiest day was 13th July 2011 when we reached 227 page views. Oh, the excitement and the high-fiving in the office that day. The average number of views per day since June 2011 is 25. Our quietest month was December 2011 with 414 views. All of this is laid out in graphs and tables on the WordPress “dashboard”.  Amazing.

We’re always happy to get feedback. We’ve made some changes during the first year, in response to some very constructive criticism. Tell us what you’d like to see on the blog. And if you enjoy the Friday blog, time to put pen to paper/ fingers to keyboard….

See you tomorrow at the Mitchell.



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