Friday Blog Jun 22 – Louise Welsh in nb

The July/ August edition of nb (new books magazine) is just out – if you read the blog on May 25, you’ll know that every Glasgow library has a copy for your perusal.

photograph of Louise WelshThere’s an excellent feature on Louise Welsh where you can read all about her writing routine and how she approaches writing a novel; about her life before she became a writer, about her work including her next book – The Girl on the Stairs (coming out 2nd August) – and lots more.

There’s a great picture of Louise in her living room, sitting in front of a very busy bookcase. Look carefully and you can make out some of the titles – I can see Will Self, Sarah Waters, JG Ballard. Isn’t it interesting what people have on their bookshelves?

Did I mention that every library has a copy of new books magazine – so what are you waiting for?

See you on NRGD, when I’ll be signing up volunteers to write future Friday blogs!



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