Friday Blog May 11 – National Reading Group day [continued]

We hope you have 30th June circled on your calendar, for National Reading Group Day (let’s call it NRGD) and you’ll all be at the Mitchell in the afternoon for books and buns – and lively debate about Scotland’s Bookshelf. Scotland's Bookshelf book jacket

We want to know what would be on your list of best Scottish Books of the last hundred years. When we asked people at Aye Write! they suggested: Norman McCaig, Jessie Kesson [A White Bird Passes], Alan Spence [Its Colours They Are Fine], Edwin Muir, RD Laing, John Galt [Annals of the Parish], Eric Linklater, Compton MacKenzie, Alan Sharp [A Green Tree in Gedde], Tom Nairn [The Break-up of Britain], Nan Shepherd, Robert Garioch, Gavin Maxwell [Ring of Bright Water], George Davie [The Democratic Intellect], William Boyd, Candia McWilliam [A Case of Knives], Andrew Marr, Niall Ferguson, Martin MacIntyre, Neal Ascherson [Black Sea], George Friel [Mr Anderson, MA], Iain Chrichton Smith and The Statistical Accounts of Scotland.

National Reading Group Day 2012 logoSo lots of food for thought for NRGD.  Hope to see you there. The Scotland’s Bookshelf session is at 3.15. We’re starting the afternoon at 2pm with Alex Gray speaking about her work.


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