Invitation from Waterstones

Waterstones Bookshop

 174-176 Argyle St


Dear Reading Groups,

As part of the launch of Granta 119: Britain, contributors Cynan Jones and Rachel Seiffert join Granta associate editor Patrick Ryan for an evening of readings and conversation.

Jones, once a Glasgow resident, and Seiffert, whose story explores the failing marriage of a Glaswegian loyalist and his Northern Irish wife as seen through the eyes of their young son, explore the delicate human connections within the sometimes brutal context of historical and contemporary Britain. They write about boys who are reaching towards adulthood and the danger and pleasure of digging for badgers.

This event is part of a UK-wide series of events that marks the launch of the latest issue of Granta magazine and explores the stories Britain is telling about itself today. This will be held in Waterstones Argyle St on Tuesday 15th of May at 6.30pm. Tickets are £2 and Granta subscribers are Free.

Kind regards



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