Friday blog Jan 6 – King James bibles at the Mitchell

Divine Write Exhibition imageI want to tell you about an exhibition that’s on in the Mitchell that you should try to see. It’s called Divine Write and it celebrates 400 years of the King James Bible. The bibles on display are beautiful and the history is fascinating. People have been coming from all over, and I like reading their comments in the visitors’ book.

The “Authorized Version”, as it was also known, was first printed in 1611 and the exhibition has two different copies on display, along with earlier and later bibles in Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Scots, Gaelic, German and English. There’s a beautiful one hand-written and printed in Paris around 1235. You can also see two miniature bibles, produced by David Bryce of Glasgow – there’s a copy of the first edition of 1896 and also the 1901 edition, reprinted as a souvenir of the Glasgow International Exhibition at Kelvingrove. These books are just over an inch square and a magnifying glass came free with every copy.

Most of the bibles are on loan from the University of Glasgow, and are very rarely available to see, so please take the chance.

More details on the Glasgow Life website.


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