Get any good books for Christmas?

Hello, hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are curled up in front of the fire reading a great book that someone gave you. I love choosing books to give to people, and this year can count twenty six, but I didn’t get a single one in return. I think being a librarian frightens people off giving me books – maybe they think I’ve read them all, maybe they’re worried I’ll scoff at their taste! (Yeah, I have – and I would). I wonder if it’s the same for English teachers, and I bet no-one is ever brave enough to choose one for a book critic – instead of a thankyou note, imagine getting back a scathing review!

So what did I buy? Quite a mixture: How to be a Woman; The Secret Life of Bees; Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?; Diary of a Wimpy Kid; Household Tips of the Great Writers; Jo Nesbo; Raymond Chandler. That’s the great thing about books – something for everyone.

So, bloggers, let us know what you got. Any crackers, any stinkers?

Happy New Year when it comes.



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