Friday Blog Nov 11 – Keiba

Today’s guest blog is about BookByte – A Stirling university project.
Hello, my name is Keiba Clubb and as part of my fourth year project me and a group are designing a website based on the effect ebooks are having on the physical book.
This is a short documentary we have already completed on the subject: Bookbyte Online
Heres a list of our main areas to cover for the website:
  • Library closures
  • Book piracy
  • Emotional attachment to physical books
  • Changing market
  • ebooks advances
  • effect on readership
There are of course many other areas and we welcome any suggestions you might have!
As part of this website we are creating a guest blog where people can voice their opinions on topics surrounding the book to ebook debate. We are looking for people from all areas to get involved and write a blog about how they feel on one of the topics (or indeed their own new topic). If you are interested please contact me on Hope to hear from you soon!

2 thoughts on “Friday Blog Nov 11 – Keiba

  1. Oh dear – I really don’t enjoy seeing myself on film, must lose weight! It was lovely to have the students from Stirling in the shop, and their film does indeed raise some interesting issues. I can see that e-readers are going to fundamentally change the bookselling business but I really don’t think its all doom and gloom for bookshops…

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