Friday Blog Sep 16 – Emma

Today’s blog comes from Emma.

I’ve recently joined Glasgow Libraries in the Marketing Team. My role is to promote the wealth of services Glasgow Libraries provide, which goes way beyond book, CD and DVD lending to include free computer use, regular events for everyone from children to adults, and of course Glasgow Libraries’ book festival Aye Write!

A recent article caught the Marketing Team’s eye and we shared it through our social media channels to see what everyone else thought. The article was about a survey run by Amazon to identify the most and least well-read areas of the UK. The survey was based on book sales (both e-books and traditional) and ranked Glasgow 147th out of 462 areas, branding it one of the least well-read areas in the country.

 Glasgow Library statistics suggest that Glasgow has a high population of active readers. A survey that attempts to gauge the reading habits of a country through sales alone is never going to be very robust or noteworthy.  In addition to the obvious – that people borrow their books from a library rather than purchasing them – people come across books in many other ways too, passed on from friends or family, or bought from second hand sales.

I think Glasgow Libraries can take only a positive message from this survey, that more people in the city are borrowing their books than buying – and why would people buy when they can borrow for free? Joining a library is an easy and effective way to cut costs without compromising your interest.

As I mention above, Glasgow Libraries are about much more than just books. Events, exhibitions and classes all take place in the libraries, making visiting a library an experience. Beyond borrowing books, members can sit down and browse through what’s on offer, check their emails, take their children along to story telling sessions and much more!

I am thoroughly enjoying working for Glasgow Libraries.  Everyone that works in the organisation is passionate and dedicated and it’s a pleasure to get to know the staff and the many intricacies that go into powering this huge machine.  After all, a marketer’s dream is to have a good product to market that practically sells itself – and I’ve definitely found that in Glasgow Libraries.



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