Friday Blog Aug 26 – Brenda

Why I love my Kindle

My name is Brenda and I am a Iibrarian in the Mitchell. I love books and reading and have been involved in a book group at Hillhead Library for a very long time.  Having recently become the owner of a Kindle I thought I would share my experience with you.

 A couple of reactions I had initially were along the lines of a gasp, then a look of horror followed by “But didn’t you sign up to some kind of pledge when you become a librarian – that you will only ever use real books?” However I had already gone over to the dark side…

 I had read about the features and decided I wanted one mainly to use on holiday for two reasons. No more packing a stack of paperbacks and free access to the Internet via 3G (an experimental feature with basic black and white webpages only, but useful for email and checking information when abroad) I soon discovered other stuff I loved.

 Comfortable and light to hold, it turns pages almost seamlessly – no holding long books open or dealing with heavy hardbacks – reading really is effortless. No more finding bookshelf space for newly-acquired books.  It remembers where you stopped reading last time, no matter how many books you have on the go. Noticed an unfamiliar word? No problem – click on it and the definition appears at the foot of the page. You can even adjust the print size to suit. What’s not to love?

 Well, there are a few things. When I’ve finished with an ebook I can’t pass it on to a friend, donate it to a charity shop or even sell it if I wanted. I’m not giving business to any bookshops. There is no role here for traditional publishers, paper manufacturers, ink suppliers, bookbinders, book jacket designers, delivery drivers etc. Also, many libraries still have to find a cost-effective way to allow their customers to borrow them.

But despite the downsides I have been won over. I have downloaded a number of out- of-copyright classics free of charge – great for Dickens or Jane Austen fans. You no longer have any excuse for not managing to get hold of a copy of Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management or your old childhood favourites. I have just become re-acquainted with The Bobbsey Twins (if anyone can remember that far back) Be warned though, you are in for a bit of a shock reading childhood favourites from another era! The world has moved on somewhat.

 I still read paper books and cannot imagine being without them but I do love my Kindle.As Stephen Fry says “Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators.”

PS Other e-book readers are available!


3 thoughts on “Friday Blog Aug 26 – Brenda

  1. I’m just back from holiday where I saw lots of paperbacks and only one Kindle around the pool. I don’t know about you, but I love seeing what everyone is reading (and feeling superior to people reading autobiographies of C-list celebrities) and I’ll miss that paperback snobbery if more people change to e-readers. Mary

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