Friday blog Aug 19 – Gemma

Dear Blog Readers,

My name is Gemma and I am a Library Assistant at Shettleston Library. I hold a monthly book group in the Library. The book group has been running for well over a year now and so far has been a big hit. I am pleased to say that most of our original members have continued to attend. It is a major compliment and boosts the issues of the library. I think it is important that I don’t take too active a role in how the book group discussion develops. I like to make sure that the members let the discussion flow naturally and don’t feel too bound in by any set rules or formalities. It is to be expected that the discussion turns to general chitchat and to talk of other books at some point or another. This is helped along by the appearance of tea and coffee- and although biscuits aren’t provided, our members are usually generous and bring their own choccie biccys to share- which is always appreciated. We started off with a modest 5 or 6 participants and it’s crept up throughout the year- sometimes we reach full capacity at 12 people! You usually get a nicer number and a better discussion going when there are about 8 people. Discussion can be very varied and people can have very strong reactions to the books we have read. There have only been a couple of books that people strongly disliked. But usually there is a mixed reaction- for every person that didn’t like a book, there is usually another one who disagreed and liked it. One of the firm favourites so far has to be The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak. This book looks at World War 2 but it also takes you through a child’s personal journey through life. It is very touching, harrowing and beautifully written. I hope to continue taking part in the Book Group and if you are in the area, the book group takes place every last Thursday of the Month at 6:30pm. All welcome.

Kind regards



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