BBC looking for chocolate craving book group

This is the most unusual request we’ve had from someone wanting to get in touch with a book group! Researchers at the BBC programme Britain’s Favourite Foods are looking for people who like chocolate. For some reason they think it is more likely to be ladies (who us?) and their thoughts naturally alighted on a book group.
Here’s a message from the programme’s Aliya Bryce: What we are looking for is about 10 people (although more would be great) perhaps part of a book club, who say that they often crave chocolate and would like the chance to appear on our show Britain’s Favourite Foods which will be airing nationally on BBC1. Our show is a popular science show which will be going all over Britain to find out what is in our shopping baskets and reveal some surprising science behind what we eat. We would be looking to film on the morning of the 23rd of August (Tuesday) just for an hour or so, on Buchanan Street in the City Centre. This particular story is about people who like and tend to crave chocolate so our presenter, Cherry Healy, would be asking the ladies a few questions about chocolate. We would then be looking for some of the ladies to join us in a chocolate shop (most likely in the west end of Glasgow) on the 27th of August where Cherry would reveal one of the surprising facts she has learnt about chocolate.
This is going to be a fun, popular science show and we would love it if some of the members of your club would be able to join us!
Contact details on our Noticeboard.

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