Friday Blog 12 Aug – Kim

We asked Kim to let us know how the first meeting of the cosy mystery book group went…

Hi! My name is Kim Miller and I work as an editor in the public sector. I recently started the first book group dedicated to cosy mysteries and advertised it with help from the library. Cosy mysteries are a gentle genre of murder mysteries with no graphic violence, often based in a quaint setting. The sleuths in these novels are always amateur detectives, with occupations such as herbalist, florist, quilter, baker, librarian, pet sitter or wedding planner.

I discovered cosy mysteries a few years ago but I didn’t know anybody else who appreciated them or even knew what they were.I also like lots of other types of books but I really enjoy cosy mysteries when I need a light-hearted book to entertain me. Part of their charm is stepping out of the ordinary world into a small town in Minnesota or an idyllic village in the Cotswolds – but remember in a cosy mystery there is always a murderer not far away…

The first meeting of the cosy mystery book group gathered this week at Langside Library, before wandering over to a local coffee shop. As this is a cosy mystery book group there has to be coffee and cakes involved!

The people at the first meeting were women of various ages and backgrounds. It turned out though that everyone was a fan of the Agatha Raisin mysteries, and we discussed other cosy mysteries we had read in the past. I brought along a stack of my own books to share and discuss. Everyone took away a book that caught their interest.

Next time we will discuss one book set in a cookie shop, one set in a cupcake bakery and one set in a book town in New Hampshire. If you want to try any of them they are called: ‘Sprinkle with Murder’ by Jenn McKinlay; ‘Strawberry Shortcake Murder’ by Joanne Fluke and ‘Murder is Binding’ by Lorna Barrett. You don’t need to have read these to enjoy the group though – feel free to just come along and chat about cosy mysteries!

Our plans for the future include an outing to a book shop one evening to browse their Crime section and see what cosy mysteries we can discover. If you’d like to join this group you can find more information on the Noticeboard section. I’m off to eat some more cupcakes now in the name of research!


One thought on “Friday Blog 12 Aug – Kim

  1. Hi Kim

    Just wanted to let you know that your blog inspired me to make a wee ‘Cosy Crime’ display in our Oxfam Bookshop a week or so ago and they are selling really quickly! And if there are any aspiring cosy crime writers out there looking for inspiration, I think our shop would make a great setting…..


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