Edinburgh Book Festival

Looking forward to September when we start planning next year’s Aye Write!  – and we’ll be in touch to ask you which authors you’d like to hear. Meantime we understand there’s another book festival taking place on the other side of the country.  The programme looks great – let us know if you’ve booked tickets and who you’re most looking forward to hearing. No need to go to Edinburgh to hear Janice Galloway – remember she’s coming to the Mitchell on 8th September – and our prices are much lower! Janice will be in conversation with Karen Cunningham, Head of Libraries and Director of Aye Write! If you think you’ll be too shy to put up your hand and ask your question, feel free to send it in to us, we’ll pass it on to Karen and let her ask it for you.


4 thoughts on “Edinburgh Book Festival

  1. I’ve booked tickets for the Edinburgh Book Festival. I’m going to see Jane Harris talk about her new book because I loved The Observations and I’m going to see Zoe Strachan and Ned Beauman’s event.

  2. Hi Kim, Good news – we “won” some free copies of “Gillespie and I” which should arrive any day now – would you like to borrow them for your group? We had a great event with Jane Harris at the Mitchell when “The Observations” came out. Will we ask her to Aye Write?

  3. That would be great! I think it would be interesting to see Jane Harris at Aye Write especially because her latest book features the Glasgow International exhibition in 1888. I was waiting for ‘Gillespie and I’ to come out in paperback but that isn’t until next year so I need to read it before then.

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