Friday Blog 5 Aug – Wendy

 In today’s guest blog, storyteller and therapeutic reading group leader Wendy Woolfson shares her experience working in Glasgow with a group of adults with learning disabilities.

Trusting the Story by Wendy Woolfson

I am currently in post with Glasgow Libraries, West Area as Project Development Worker. This position is funded by SLIC for 1 year and our aim is to establish therapeutic reading groups for adults with learning disabilities in libraries. This is a pilot project and still a work in progress. There has been a very positive response from the group so far and I’d like to share this session with you.

The group arrived and we settled down with tea and coffee. I had missed the group the previous week due to the death of my Grandma. We talked a little about this and I expressed concern that the message of my absence was not passed on to them as I hadn’t liked the thought of someone unfamiliar leading the session and it being a surprise for them.

The group seemed a little subdued this morning but we still had some of our usual conversation around what we had been up to since we last saw each other. I always bring a selection of story books to read to the group and allow them to choose which one to read, they also make the suggestions for which poems to look for in the books.

We began our readings with a couple of poems about summer to make up for all the rain we had been getting: “Haytime” by Irene F Pawsey and “Hay–Time” by C M Lowe. The poems made us all smile and remember some sunny days we have had…..

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Article originally published in July 2011 on the All Things Healing website under the section Therapeutic Storytelling


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